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Other Civilisations

Here I will make available a limited number of resources from other civilisations ....

Mayan Glyph Disc_edited.png

Mayan Glyph Disc

A ceramic disc displaying a Mayan man carrying a "Glyph" on his back in a crouched pose. The disc is surrounded by Mayan glyphs.

A great piece for displaying to artistic character of the glyphs of the ancient Mayans. 90mm diameter.


$9.95AUD plus P&H 

Chavin Ceramic Head Vessel - Peru

A pottery vessel in the form of a head. Grey/brown ceramic from Peru. The vessel has decoration that resemble the Nascar lines. 

900-200BC Reproduction. 130mm tall. 

$129.95 AUD plus P&H SOLD

Inca Elder_edited.png
Mayan pair_edited.png

Totonac Figurine Couple

This is a replica figurine of Pre Columbian decent.

These were called "

Smiling Figures" and most were found in funerary locations in tombs. This is a pair of male and female figurines.

Archaeologists have not yet deciphered their purpose.

Totonac from South and Central Veracruz.

200mm tall.

$89.95 AUD plus P&H 

Pre Columbian Head of Statue

This is an original section of a statue from an early twentieth century collection. It is the head of a statue of the Tumaco-la-Tolita culture that developed parallel to the European Greek/Roman civilisations. The Tumaco culture were in the border region of Ecuador and Columbia.

The piece is heavily worn and is c1000BC - 200AD. 

This culture used very naturalistic designs.

90 x 80 x 50mm.

$160.00 AUD plus P&H SOLD


Inca Tumi Knife

A reproduction of a pre Columbian Tumi ceremonial knife as used by Andean cultures. 

Ceramic casting model. 190 x 100mm.

$29.95AUD plus P&H SOLD

Mayan Death Whistle

Like most civilisations of the ancient world, the Mayans had their rituals at death and the process into the next life of as many called it "the Underworld". The death whistle was part of the Mayan ritual and many thoughts are expressed as to its purpose. Was it to scare away demons as the deceased entered the next life or was it just part of the ritual. Some civilisations employed professional corners who wailed and cried out at the funeral, others such as the ancient Egyptians were much more complex.  An interesting item for starting discussions on life after death.

$59.95AUD plus P&H 150mm tall.  SOLD

Mayan Death Whistle_edited.png
Aztec Chieftain Vessel_edited.png

Inca Chieftain Vessel

A ceramic vessel 135mm of the head of an Inca Chieftain wearing traditional hat.

$49.95AUD plus P&H

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